May 12, 2020

DesignTV by SANDOW: NKBA Live Programming and Schedule

Each month on DesignTV by SANDOW, Cindy Allen hosts NKBA Live, featuring NKBA EVP Suzie Williford, and designers from across North America. Check back regularly for an updated schedule, and see past NKBA Live segments below.

NKBA Live Episode 7: Designing the Healthy Home

Cindy Allen, Suzie Williford, Adam Gibson, CMKBD, CLIPP, CAPS, president of Adam Gibson Design, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, founder of Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design, have a lively chat about the latest wellness design solutions, trends, and recent projects.

NKBA Live Episode 6: Designing the Home of the Future, sponsored by CEDIA and Control4

Cindy Allen and Suzie Williford hear from Matthew Emmi, co-founder of technology firm OneButton, and John Spencer of Selldorf Architects, about integrating luxurious design and technology in their New York-based projects.

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NKBA Live Episode 5: Little Luxuries, Big Impacts, sponsored by Plum

Cindy Allen speaks with Suzie Williford of NKBA, Cheryl Clendenon of In Detail Interiors, and Anna Gibson of AKG Design Studio about how spending more time at home during the pandemic has changed and impacted design.

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NKBA Live Episode 4: Showroom, Events, and Trade Shows

Join host Cindy Allen for an NKBA Live discussion of what we’re missing from showroom, events, and trade shows, in partnership with NKBA.

NKBA Live Episode 3: Renovation Angel

Join host Cindy Allen for Renovation Angel with Suzie Williford, Steve Feldman, Dan Nolan, and Peter Salerno, in partnership with NKBA

NKBA Live Episode 2: Living Impacts Design

Suzie Williford, joined by interior designers Kerrie Kelly, Laurence Carr, and Sarah Robertson, chats with Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen about the latest industry research. In fact, NKBA has compiled so many findings about trends in kitchen and bath design, they’ve launched Living Impacts Design.

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NKBA Live Episode 1: Oh Canada 

Suzie Williford along with Nyla Free, founder of Nyla Free Designs, and Michelle Miazga-Hall, founder of Port + Quarterchat with Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen about client relationships and creating a powder room with a “wow factor.” 

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