June 27, 2018

DesignWire: What a Run

Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts. The work of these luminary lensmen along with myriad other bold-face names have been gathered together for “Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, 1911-2011,” at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Center, in Los Angeles, June 26 to October 21. More than 160 images, drawn from the museum’s col­lection and loans, take viewers on a journey through decades of couture—and the cultural move­ments it reflected. During the Depression, for example, top style magazines emphasized glamour, offering an escape from the harsh realities of the period, while, during World War II, clothing became simpler, and photographers adopted a more restrained approach. An accompanying book, Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, by the exhibition’s curator Paul Martineau, Getty’s associate curator of photographs, re­leases on July 10.

Bathing Suits by Izod, Paris, a 1930 gelatin silver print by George Hoyningen-Huene, is at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Center, in L.A. through October 21. Photography courtesy of Horst and the collection of Richard and Allison Roeder.
Sheila Metzner’s 1986 pigment print Uma in Dress by Patou. Photography courtesy of Sheila Metzner.
Diana Newman, Neal Barr’s 1966 gelatin silver print. Photography courtesy of Neal Barr.

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