January 24, 2019

DIRTT Restructures Leadership to Boost Tech, Talent, and Innovation

JDA Software Office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

DIRTT, a Canadian design manufacturer specializing in sustainable prefabricated interiors, recently announced a major restructuring of its leadership roster. The shakeup is a mix of newly-created positions, promotions, and fresh talent that together will prioritize innovation, technology, and the faculties of its staff.

Among the longtime DIRTT executives shifting into new positions is co-founder Geoff Gosling, who has led design and development at the firm, and now assumes the title of Director of Innovation. Gosling, who formerly served as vice president of product development, will continue to oversee the creation of DIRTT’s interior construction solutions. The manufacturer has also named Mark Greffen as senior vice president of software development after nearly 15 years of development experience that includes the firm’s proprietary 3-D interactive modeling software, ICE. Finally, DIRTT sales executive Kinglsey Koch is the first to fill the newly-created position of vice president of sales. Koch brings over a decade of experience at DIRTT that includes securing some of the firm’s largest projects.

The firm has also welcomed new talent into the mix. Joe Zirkman has joined as senior vice president and general counsel, while Krista Pell has been named senior vice president of talent. Jeffrey Calkins, of Manufacturing Resources, Inc. (MRI) has been named interim chief operating officer, while DIRTT recruits candidates to fill the position permanently. A permanent candidate is also being scouted to fill the newly-created role of chief commercial officer, a role that will support sales and in-house marketing communication.

As a result of these changes, former chief operating officer Tracy Baker and former vice president of software development Barrie  Loberg have left the company, according to DIRTT CEO Kevin O’Meara.

“We’re creating a corporate structure that defines the key roles and responsibilities necessary to achieve DIRTT’s next stage of growth and value creation,” explains O’Meara. “When a client embarks on an interior construction project, our vision is to be their first thought and then to surpass their expectations throughout the entire building process and beyond. I’m confident this team positions us to achieve that vision.”

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