July 3, 2020

Division Twelve’s New Colorful Bent-Metal Furniture Sparks Joy

“When I first saw Division Twelve, I was struck by a feeling of joy,” Keilhauer says. 

It was 2017 when industrial designer Geof Lilge founded Division Twelve, making colorful bent-metal furniture for hospitality and residential settings. Then this year, fellow Canadian company Keilhauer bought the brand and relaunched it as a subsidiary. “We’ve always been excited by the hospitality sector and this acquisition provides us with a new solution for office design,” president Mike Keilhauer explains.

A Wedge chair in Division Light Blue.

Lilge, Samuel Petterson, and Scot Laughton designed the inaugural line of poppy bent-steel stools, tables, benches, and chairs, such as Wedge, with its swooping tubular back, all with an eye on sustainability. Woods are FSC–certified, seat foam is bio-based, and the 20 powder-coat options are environmentally friendly. Each year, the palette will update to include the latest Pantone Color of the Year. 

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