January 1, 2020

Doug Mockett & Company Equips an Evolving Design Landscape with Innovative Hardware

The Sliding Lid Power Grommet – Power/Charging USB is an ideal solution for contemporary offices. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

In our hyper-connected and digital world, designers are tasked with seamlessly incorporating technology, as well as power sources, into commercial spaces. And as 2020 takes shape, the open office no longer is a growing trend, it’s the norm. Workplaces demand features that put comfort first, like those found in hospitality and residential interiors. As the lines blur between design disciplines, one company has the ultimate solution—universal hardware that makes furnishings more functional, easing the specification process. 

Doug Mockett & Company sets itself apart with innovative architectural hardware created with residential, commercial, and hospitality environments in mind. The company’s portfolio of multifaceted design solutions succeeds in addressing the needs of all three sectors at once with sleek power grommets, offered in varying mounting applications, and cable management solutions. 

The Flush Power Grommet – 2 Electric/Dual USB is functional and discreet. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

The California-based hardware manufacturer, found in 1980, is adept at the art of wire management concepts and power solutions. It also manufactures drawer pulls, table legs, casters, shelf supports, and signage. “Our unique blend of power and cable management solutions are offered with the best designs in mind in hundreds of styles and configurations,” says Billy Peele, marketing manager at Doug Mockett & Company. “And our products are tested to ensure they exceed UL and ETL safety certification requirements.” 

Check out these five innovative hardware solutions from the brand, which ensure commercial, hospitality, and residential furnishings remain at the forefront of comfort and utility. 

Add more charging options to any space with the Pop-Up Power Grommet. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

Power grommets are the most efficient way to outfit a range of furnishings with power and USB stations, creating charging options within reach. Doug Mockett & Company’s power grommets are easily configurable, with options to include an exact number of outlets as well as voice/data or audio/video connections for a single user or a shared community charging space. 

Designers looking to maximize space should opt for the Small Dual Pop-Up Power Grommet. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

The brand offers a number of different mounting applications for different uses. One of the most versatile options is a pop-up grommet, which features a tower or carriage that flips up by pressing the lid for access, then seamlessly blends back in when not in use.

These three tamper-resistant power outlets in the Dual-Sided Illuminated Pop-Up Power Grommet Dock can be easily tucked away. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

Designers will take comfort in knowing that Doug Mockett & Company’s indesk recessed grommets fit into a vast range of desktops and are easy to install. With power and data options within reach on the face of the unit, in-desk recessed grommets are practical options for public charging stations and shared work spaces in any environment. Additionally, under desk and edge-mount power units also are available, providing solutions when cutting into desk furnishing simply is not an option. 

Eliminate clutter for a minimalist aesthetic with the WM2 – 1 Piece J-Shape Wire Manager. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

Even wireless devices need power sources, which means cables remain an unsightly element in most rooms, including contemporary workplaces. Doug Mockett & Company’s hardware offers a chic solution to keep cables in check and out of sight. Wire managers help channel cabling behind or under desks, as well as down table legs, or anywhere the cables must travel to access a power source. The brand’s wire molds are cut to length and easy to install in any environment.  

The WM16 – Snake Wire Manager adds color and character to any environment. Photography courtesy of Doug Mockett & Company. 

Doug Mockett & Company’s products outfit designers with sought-after power and cable management solutions crafted to meld comfort and connectivity. Importantly, the brand demands the foremost in assembly integrity throughout the manufacturing process and offers free returns as well as same day shipping with no minimum order requirements. 

Learn more about Doug Mockett’s unique selection of hardware and furniture components.

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