March 29, 2017

Doug Mockett Hardware Adds a Finishing Touch to Furniture

With height adjustment available at the touch of a button, Doug Mockett’s TLEL3 electrical table legs give workers the freedom to maximize comfort for their tables and workstations.

Hardware is one of the most important—and overlooked—elements of furniture design. Whether a surface-mounted power outlet or wire stay channel, the right accessory can entirely transform how one interacts with an object.

California-based hardware manufacturer Doug Mockett & Company understands the importance of these finishing touches. Founded in 1980, the brand has cemented itself as a leader in the design industry by providing innovative wire management concepts—there are now over 80 options—and convenient power solutions for furnishings. The brand also offers drawer pulls, table legs, casters, shelf supports, and signage.

Doug Mockett’s WM22 J-Shape Wire Manager, which fastens under surfaces.

Doug Mockett provides top-notch solutions that are both functional and understated. At any given moment, the company is prototyping 20-30 new products, and it hosts an annual hardware design competition that welcomes submissions from both students and professionals. Below are five Doug Mockett products that add new utility to furniture.

A seamless solution for providing power outlets in the kitchen, Doug Mockett’s PCS77 is GFCI rated and pops up to provide power, then hides away when not in use. Plus, it has a water-tight seal when both open and closed.

Doug Mockett’s PCS48F Horizontal 3 Power/USB Dock clamps to the side of work surfaces and features a horizontal frame with rounded edges.

The PCS62 flush power grommet, available in single electric and dual USB configurations, mounts with ease onto any surface. Horizontal and vertical configurations provide a flexible solution, whether on a desktop or the arm of a chair.

Doug Mockett’s most popular grommet, the EDP, suits most computer-related uses and comes in 11 colors and five plated finishes.

Designed by an aerospace engineer, the CA63 hollow wheel caster features a wide wheel base and enhances the chair’s overall stability.

Learn more about Doug Mockett’s selection of hardware and accessories.

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