May 28, 2012

DyeCoo Textile Systems is Material of the Year

material connection

In its third annual Medium award for Material of the Year,

Material ConneXion

has named

DyeCoo Textiles Systems

the winner for the Netherlands-based company’s commercial dying machine technology. The new process uses Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to infuse fabrics with color rather than water, an innovation that will reduce energy consumption, environmental pollution and water usage.

In addition,

Material ConneXion

also named gave honorable mentions to products by nine other companies:

Artinel Eco

, by DSM Engineering Plastics, uses an alternative source for rubber and plastic products;

—Eastman Chemical Company’s

Perrenial Wood

, via specialized treatment is longer-lasting and change-resistant;

Pureti Clean

, a special self-cleaing coating that reduces maintenance costs by 50 percent as well as water and energy consumption;


by Schoeller Textil AG, which features printed ceramic designs on textiles that resist abrasion and heat;


Marburger Tapetenfabrik J.B. Schaefer GmbH & Co. KG

, is a wallpaper that lets you know when the surface it covers is being broken through;

—Micralox by

Sanford Process Corporation

is a special anodizing process that gives colored protection to aluminum, allowing it to withstand dishwasher temperatures and chemicals;

FREEfix Technology

by Naporo Klima Dammstoff Gmbh is an innovative textile that’s applied in lightweight panels to add up to 80 kg of pull-out resistance to screws;

—Blushing Bottles by


is a photochromatic pigment that changes color when exposed to the UV radiation of sunlight.

The Medium Award for Material of the Year recognizes materials entered into the

Material ConneXion

library within the last year for their technological innovation and the ability to positively impact and advance design, industry, society and the economy.

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