August 16, 2017

Dynamic Cavalcanti Rugs Create Optical Illusions

Flatweaves Key, a rug pattern in Cavalcanti’s Optical Illusion line. Photography by Hendrik Schneider.

It’s all about altering visual perceptions of dimensionality. Cavalcanti’s ChiChi Cavalcanti and designer Natasha Phillips have launched Optical Illusion, a family of dynamic rugs. All are flat-woven by hand from New Zealand wool, which is dyed in-house to ensure that the colors will withstand high-traffic commercial environments. To illustrate the belief that design should help people harmonize with their surroundings, Cavalcanti even painted Phillips, from the ankles down, in black-and-white that perfectly matches Flatweaves Key, one of the eight rug patterns. Talk about immersing yourself in your work.

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