July 13, 2020

edg Reveals 3-D Printed Cast Concrete Collection

The Carve table. Photography courtesy of edg.

When technology and design collide, there are often amazing outcomes. For the architecture and engineering firm edg, one such result of technology-driven design is the Synthesis 3D collection. This portfolio of cast-concrete furniture and wall paneling was developed with, and named after, edg’s own 3-D printing software, which has vast ­­­­­­­­design and customization capabilities, as the new collection makes abundantly evident.

The Goth table. Photography courtesy of edg.

The firm already had considerable experience incorporating 3-D printing into the design process. Beginning with a focus on building restoration, edg used 3-D printing technology to fashion intricate molds used to repair historical façades found throughout New York City. The result was edg’s Modern Ornamental collection of façade designs inspired by the city’s architecture. The success of that collection propelled the development of the firm’s own program, Synthesis.

The Tutu table. Photography courtesy of edg.

This revolutionary software provides a highly accessible platform for designers to generate complex designs with ease. Synthesis creates a digital rendering of a simple sketch that can then be modified according to the designer’s wishes. After the rendering is completed, a 3-D printed mold is used to make the final product. The possibilities of customization are endless with this software—users have their choice of a wide variety of colors and finishes, and they can infinitely alter the design to their liking. In addition, products created by this software don’t require a large budget, making it a particularly advantageous resource for architects and designers.

The Synthesis 3D collection puts the namesake software’s benefits to good use. The collection comprises cast-concrete wall paneling and furniture, all with a raw finish and all customizable. The unconventional designs demonstrate Synthesis’s ability to mold dense material into physics-defying configurations, revealing exciting possibilities for the future of design.

The Bolt table. Photography courtesy of edg.
The Zen table. Photography courtesy of edg.
The Nacci table. Photography courtesy of edg.

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