March 16, 2016

Editors’ Picks: 27 Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, and Task Lights

This lighting roundup is all about diversity—and customization. Get mobile with James Dieter‘s Mobi, whose multiple arms flex into… well, almost any shape you want. To reposition the chandelier, simply detach the mobile from its adjustable aircraft-cable suspension wires and loosen the locking hinges to maneuver the parts—all by hand, no tools required. Meanwhile, Book Lamp by Lumio is a cheeky reinvention of the standard reading light: open the handsome wood “cover” of Max Gunawan’s clever design and its water-resistant Tybek pages open like a novel’s and light up! The LED-powered lamp is highly portable and can be mounted on a wall or under a kitchen cabinet, or even hung from a tree. A refined approach to technology drives the trio of Brooklyn-based designers Rich Brilliant Willing, who engineer lighting solutions as beautiful as they are brainy. Consider Monocle, a natty directional fixture shaped from milled aluminum that emits a warm LED beam from the wall or ceiling. (All products are also featured in the Lighting section of Interior Design’s Fall Market Tabloid.)

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