October 31, 2019

Edward Fields Debuts Science-Inspired Taxonomy Rug Collection by Bec Brittain

Lighting designer Bec Brittain is obsessed with labels, which explains her respect for famed carpet brand Edward Fields—a fixation that’s resulted in her first rug collection. The Taxonomy range compiles nine of Brittain’s investigations into scientific categories, first expressed as elaborate drawings that were then translated into hand-tufted silk and wool compositions. Pleo’s bursting rays in yellow, silver, and blue bring to mind fluttering dragonfly wings. Lamella, named for the membrane of bone tissue, implies the spiraling layers of seashells in delicate navy-blue lines on a bed of gradated pink. The wellspring for Venation, meanwhile, was the folding of earwig wings, so intricate they have been used as the basis for 3-D modeling studies. 

Bec Brittain. Photography courtesy of Lauren Coleman.
Venation I. Photography courtesy of Andrew Bordwin.

Lamella I. Photography courtesy of Nick D’Emilio.
Venation I. Photography courtesy of Nick D’Emilio.
Pleo I. Photography courtesy of Nick D’Emilio.

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