July 1, 2017

Electric Jaguar I-Pace Offers Roomy Interior

Polyester polyurethane covers the dashboard of the prototype electric Jaguar I-Pace. Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Environmental benefits aside, electric vehicles are furthermore offering more room—for the passengers, of course, and also for car designers to play with. That’s because the lack of a combustion engine means a shorter front end, hence a longer interior. Witness the prototype for the Jaguar I-Pace, slated for release in 2018. “There’s less hindrance, more of what we call ‘walk-through,’” Jaguar design director Ian Callum says. “We’re minimizing the mass of seats without any reduction of comfort. ‘Space’ is actually quite psychological, which is also why we have the panoramic glass sunroof.” Other exterior features include bold air ducts, flush door handles, and an aerodynamic hood to help drivers slice through the air. A full charge, good for 220 miles, will take just over two hours.


Leather seat upholstery. Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

An initial sketch. Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

LED headlights. Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

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