August 12, 2020

Elizabeth Vereker of Studio O+A Wins Graphics + Branding Design Award at HiP 2020

Graphics + Branding Design HiP winner Elizabeth Vereker has served as the branding and design director at San Francisco-based Studio O+A for the past six years. Using her design and leadership abilities, she has contributed to projects for notable clients such as Slack and McDonald’s. Her secret? Vereker approaches design as storytelling, and has influentially guided the development of Studio O+A’s own custom design process.

While always having an affinity for art, design was not originally part of Vereker’s career plans. But as an undergraduate, she stumbled across aspiring designers and architects who were sketching and sculpting away at their creative projects. After that moment, Vereker knew such a collaborative and multidisciplinary field was the one for her. As a result, she obtained a degree in interior architecture, followed by a Master’s in graphic design, providing her with a unique skillset that she implements at Studio O+A. Ever strengthening her skills, Vereker seeks out opportunities to learn more about design and find inspiration through travel, attending international design events such as the Venice Biennale and Dutch Design Week.

For now, Vereker says she is looking forward to the completion of some of Studio O+A’s ongoing projects, including the upcoming release of a Covid-oriented Toolkit for the Times. She also is reflective and proud of the firm’s evolution. Going forward, Studio O+A plans to continue expanding its design capabilities and exploring new avenues for communication and branding with direction from this HiP designer. As for Vereker, she remains optimistic that design holds the power to do good, even in critical moments like these.

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