December 1, 2018

Emtek’s Select Collection Elevates Hardware Customization to New Heights

Some of the limitless possibilities from Emtek’s Select Collection. Photography courtesy of Emtek.

Customization is the name of the game in today’s competitive design market. Designers and their clients are increasingly asking manufacturers to provide them with near limitless options to create truly bespoke yet still mass-producible items for their projects. Many brands have embraced this new paradigm, but one company has long known the value of customization and is using its expertise to elevate mix-and-matching to a new level.

This door features a hammered textured lever and flat black finish. Photography courtesy of Emtek via Jordy Fagan of Collective Studio.

“Emtek Select is the next step in custom door hardware,” explains Will Zhang, creative director and industrial designer at Emtek. “We feel strongly that designers should have the freedom to add their personal touches on all aspects of their projects. Our goal is to make people look at door hardware the same way we do, as a cool product with tons of creative options.”

Some selections from Emtek’s wider product portfolio. Photography courtesy of Emtek. 

That creative potential Zhang hints at is on full display in the Select Collection’s four textured handle designs, two stem designs, and seven finishes, as well as a free choice of rosette in any available finish. The collection’s overall aesthetic influence comes from the Bauhaus, although there are echoes of German Modernism, Arts & Crafts, and modern trends as well. Specifically, an easy-to-turn, 28-degree latch takes inspiration from the industry’s embrace of ergonomic design. There are literally thousands of permutations a designer could consider when seeking a perfect match to their project.

For this bathroom, the designer chose a knurled lever in satin nickel and a T-bar stem and rosette in flat black finish. Photography courtesy of Emtek.

It’s not just the Select Collection’s aesthetics that distinguish it, though. It is produced as part of Emtek’s already robust customization program. Every Emtek product is assembled to order at the company’s Southern California facility, so a mix-and-match item requires no additional assembly time or upcharge. This is accomplished via Emtek’s dedicated factory employees whose hard work and attention to detail assure a bespoke item will be ready to ship in just three business days, an industry-best lead time.

A selection of Emtek products. Photography courtesy of Emtek via Lisa Diedrich Photography.

All together, these attributes garnered the Select Collection and Emtek a nomination in the hardware category at the Interior Design Best of Year awards — recognition of the brand’s continuing commitment to creative customization.

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