March 4, 2013

Eskayel Launches Children’s Collection

Brooklyn-based design studio


is known for its ethereal, unexpcted patterns for wallpaper, rugs and textiles. Now thanks to its latest collection, Kwoma, the stroller set can enjoy designer’s Shanan Campanaro’s whimsical take. She’s reproduced her abstract watercolor and ink paintings on a range of poufs, mini-pillows and storage options such as kid-sized hampers and unstructured baskets.

Assorted Pillows

Patterns are printed using the same process as archival art reproduction, preserving a hand-made feel to each design. Every brushstroke and pen mark is visible, resulting in modern interpretations of traditional motifs. “The collection is inspired by the ceremonial house ceiling of the Kwoma tribe who live in the Melanesian islands of Papua New Guinea. The ceilings are covered with these wooden shields painted with crazy scrollwork carvings yet very simple patterns,” says Campanaro. “The colors are simple and fresh and inspired by nature. The motifs are super simple and fun, but not too juvenile, which allows the room’s design aesthetic to grow up with your child.”

Assorted Poufs

The Kwoma collection shouldn’t be just limited to the nursery, though. The wallpaper, fabric by the yard and accessories are distinguished by Eskayel’s sophisticated hand and expected motifs with unexpected details. “I think that the patterns are sophisticated enough to be used in adult interior spaces: the small pillows are perfect scale for a small loveseat or armchair, the baskets can be used in a bathroom or kitchen as chic storage options, and the wallpaper would be perfect in a family room or sun room to enhance brightness of the space,” says Campanaro.”

Areca Palms Breeze 12x12 Pillow

Areca Palms Breeze 12×12 Pillow

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