February 1, 2018

Eventscape: Award-Winning Custom Solutions

Fume Scent Lounge is a new, experiential retail concept for Coty Canada that provides customers with a new multi sensory way of experiencing fragrance. With the goal of attracting millennials, the lounge integrates sight, sound, touch and smell, while elevating the fragrance shopping experience to a type of immersive art form. dkstudio architects designed this global concept, pilot project and approached Eventscape to engineer, fabricate and install all of the elements that make up this environment. Eventscape built the curved interactive bar with integrated digital screens, a curved fabric canopy, ten stand-alone digital towers with shelving and three additional towers with internally lit product display.

Winner of the Fixture of the Year at the Shop Retail Design Awards and 3 additional awards, the central curved display bar had an extremely complex geometrical shape with double curves and an exaggerated cantilever. At almost 22-feet long, it has an internal wood sub-structure that was clad with heat-formed solid surface. The cantilever was fabricated using a specialized high-density material and 5-axis milling.

Inset custom digital screens in the bar top provide immediate customer feedback on selected fragrances by using Coty shaker bottles (non-spray inhalers). This innovative technology provides an advanced way to experience fragrances without being overwhelmed by their scent.  The shaker bottles are placed on a backlit solid surface reader, providing product information on the selected fragrance that’s digitally displayed on the screen.

With multiple materials, complex curves, integrated media and lighting, this shop-in-a-shop retail project provides customers with a fresh, new interactive experience.

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