October 31, 2017

Exquisite Surfaces Commissions 20 New Tile Designs for Their 20th Anniversary

Two decades ago, almost nobody was importing reclaimed materials like Belgian antique gray oak, Andalusian marble, and limestone from Burgundy to the U.S. And almost nobody was re-searching how to install flooring to allow for future re-use or recycling, should the structure one day be remodeled. Enter Paula Nataf and her sons Alexis and Franck, who have spent 20 years doing just that—and changing the game. To celebrate their legacy, they’ve commissioned new tile designs from 20 forward-thinkers. Highlights include Kelly Lamb’s tribute to Japanese kimonos, a playful take on cartoon illustration from Lisa Eisner, a fractured futuristic grid from Lukas Machnik, trompe l’oeil dimensionals from Suzanne Tick and Michelle Nussbaumer, and Matson+Palmer’s quiltlike geometric. xsurfaces.com

Kelly Lamb’s design.
Lisa Eisner’s design.
Lukas Machnik’s design.
Matson + Palmer’s design.
Suzanne Tick’s design.
Michelle Nussbaumer’s design.

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