July 18, 2017

Fabric & Wallcovering: Ann Sacks

Itai Bar-On Tile Collection.

Itai Bar-On had a vision, but it seemed impossible to fulfill. “The idea began with a concept: to play with concrete as if it was Plasticine,” the Israeli designer says. But after much trial and error, he developed a unique mold to cast his signature tile collection. Measuring 8 by 32 inches, the handcrafted tiles are softly honed and smooth to the touch—yet dimensional. There’s Plain, a simple field tile; Spade, which peels at one corner; and Willow, which undulates at the center. The modular designs are meant to intermingle, an effect that’s particularly dramatic when tiles are paired with concealed lighting at strategically placed reveals. 

Spade and rectangle in white by Itai Bar-On.

“I wasn’t thinking of tile when I did my research; the idea was to develop a method so I could do many things with it” —Itai Bar-On

Itai Bar-On Designer. Photography by Filma Production.

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