August 13, 2018

Fabric: Style Library

Pure Sunflower.

As guardians of the firm founded by William Morris in 1861, Morris & Co. cultivates partnerships with likeminded manufacturers to preserve the textile luminary’s vision. Pure Morris goes a step further by unbridling the archives, rendering 19th-century sensibilities palatable for 21st-century lifestyles. “With today’s desire for simple living, of taking things back to their very essence, it seemed like a good time to explore a different viewpoint,” says Morris & Co. head designer Alison Gee. Among the eight wallpapers are Pure Sunflower, which was hand-printed using the original 1879 block, then enlarged and digitally replicated. Formerly multicolored, Pure Willow Bough is simplified with a neutral palette of silver, stone, and graphite. Motifs snared from medieval murals garnish Pure Bachelors Button. The nine fabrics include Pure Strawberry Thief, a semi-sheer linen adapted from the same-named wall covering.

Pure Bachelors Button.
Pure Strawberry Thief.
Pure Willow Bough.
Morris & Co. head designer Alison Gee.

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