July 18, 2016

Fastmount’s Innovative Panel Mounting Systems Offer Limitless Possibilities

It’s hard to believe that the undulating waters of the Pacific would precipitate the creation of an extensive architectural panel mounting systems enterprise, but that’s exactly how New Zealand-based Fastmount came into being.

Conceived while working on the interior fit-outs of superyachts, founder Gregg Kelly often encountered a multitude of problems with traditional hook-and-loop fastening hardware commonly used in the maritime industry. Subject to capricious and unpredictable waters, the existing hardware did little to safeguard installations, which often became a patchwork of unevenly aligned panels with missing pieces, marring the otherwise luxurious interiors. Kelly saw these problems as an opportunity to develop a solution, and Fastmount’s original clip set, the PC-01, was born.

With director Maggie Kelly’s extensive experience working in the architecture and design industry, Fastmount evolved the design of the original PC-01 clip set to address the demands of architectural applications: larger, heavier panels constructed from a variety of materials. The Standard and Low Profile ranges meet these needs and are increasingly popular for installations of ceiling and wall panels, acoustical panels, and decorative panels as well as panels requiring accurate negative detailing or irregular install details.

The innovative award-winning system also features hidden panel mounting, ensuring a securely-mounted panel, superior finish, and seamless alignment. Unlike split rail or French cleat methods, Fastmount’s non-sequential system allows panels to be pre-fabricated and manufactured offsite and can quickly be installed or removed in any order, making it ideal for projects with aggressive construction schedules. 

In cases where panels conceal overhead wiring or other cables that may require servicing from time to time, Fastmount offers the PanelSafe restraint system. Used in conjunction with Standard Range clips, panels can be suspended below the ceiling for convenient servicing or controlled removal of heavy panels, reducing the labor and time that would otherwise be required to remove and replace panels to conduct regular infrastructure maintenance and repairs. 

Fastmount’s Panel Mounting Systems

– Designed to solve five problems: insecure panel mounting, time-consuming interior installations, unsightly surface fixing, uneven panel alignment, and irregular spacing between panels. 

– Encompasses six product ranges: Standard Range, Low Profile Range, Very Low Profile Range, Metal Range, Textiles Range, and Panel Control Range.

– All clips are interchangeable within each product range.

– Installation and removal tools are supplied to ensure quality.

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