September 13, 2017

Ferrari and Poltrona Frau Team Up to Collaborate on a New Office Chair for the Automaker’s 70th Anniversary

Ferrari and Poltrona Frau. The latter has been supplying leather to the former for over two decades. To celebrate the automaker’s 70th anniversary, the companies have teamed up on a five-wheeled entity: Cockpit, a sensuous office chair by Ferrari Design Centre’s Flavio Manzoni. The external shell is the same molded carbon as Ferrari car seats, and the swivel base, in polished or powder- coated aluminum finished in matte racing gray, references the same mechanical elements as their steering wheels. The leather comes in three standard variations, including Siam red, but is also fully customizable, certo

The new Cockpit chair by Ferrari and Poltrona Frau. Photography courtesy of Poltrona Frau.
The shell of the chair is made from the same materials as the car seats. Photography courtesy of Poltrona Frau.
Poltrona Frau has supplied Ferrari with leather for two decade, which has famously been include in their vehicle seats. Photography courtesy of Poltrona Frau.
The leather comes in three colors, including Siam red. Photography courtesy of Poltrona Frau.

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