September 2, 2016

Flooring: pg 212-218

From hair-on cowhide and Tibetan silk rugs to paper cord carpets, here are 19 debuts in the flooring category. It’s a jungle out there—anywhere that Menagerie comes out to play, that is. The collection exhibits the interweaving of handicraft and compositional whimsy we’ve come to expect from New Moon Rugs. Gan’s Ruff pouf, by Spanish architecture firm Romero Vallejo, riffs on the flouncy collars of Elizabethan times. Outfitted in a wool-felt skirt, the circular drum of expanded polystyrene and foam rubber is the perfect spot to sit and smell the flowers. Meanwhile, Sir Paul Smith and The Rug Company toasts their enduring partnership with seven new designs that showcase Smith’s provocative (and, here, surprisingly restrained) color combinations. All products have also been featured in Interior Design‘s recent Spring Market Tabloid.

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