March 13, 2012

Form Us With Love


Following their launch in 2005, John Lofgren, Jonas Pettersson, and Petrus Palmer of Form Us With Love (FUWL) have ventured into an array of innovative contributions to the industry through their unique approach to product design. Their take on pedestrian artifacts has challenged our traditional understanding of everyday products and has led to creations which address daily needs with an edge of fun, quirk, and innovative dynamism – but always with the consumer in mind.

In 2007 they collaborated with Design House Stockholm and introduced Cord Lamp, the first in a series of lighting products were then joined by Work Lamp (2009) and Form Pendants (2012). Most recently the company added to their collection of vases made of the commonplace counter material Silestone. A series of doughnut-shaped rings of various dimensions and a constant hollow center are assembled over a bracket to produce watertight vessels whose silhouette varies as per the arrangement. Flexibility is often found at the core of their products: Form Pendants and the Silestone Slab Vases provide the user with simple modules which can be arranged in multiple ways allowing the user to participate in the final composition.

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