October 1, 2018

Forms+Surfaces Debuts Addition to BermanGlass Family

Intervals in the Locus pattern in a hospitality setting. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.

When Forms+Surfaces acquired the legendary Joel Berman Glass Studios in 2016, the possibilities for textural and beautiful glass installations blossomed for designers. Renamed BermanGlass, most of the original kiln-cast glass designs from Joel Berman Glass Studios were rolled into the new BermanGlass family.  In 2017, Forms+Surfaces created their first new BermanGlass product, the Levels collection. Now, they’re ready to reveal their next innovative product: the Intervals collection.

Intervals features small-scale—but astoundingly precise—textures inspired by woven textiles. According to Brigid Rau, architectural surfaces designer for Forms+Surfaces, the Intervals collection was designed to inject both warmth and a sense of order into a material that often feels cold and fluid.

Intervals in the Prose pattern. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.

“For these designs, I started looking to weavers such as Anni Albers and archives of twill samplers for inspiration. I love the balanced sense of intimacy and strength inherent in woven textiles,” explains Rau. “From there, we were able to find ways to translate very precise geometries directly into the glass.”

The precise geometries of Intervals include six textures that were designed to ensure consistency across individual glass lites and multi-lite installations while also providing something unique that designers can use to enliven their projects. Each of the patterns—Coda, Locus, Octave, Origin, Prose, and Verse—feature a crisp interplay of raised forms, recessed channels, diffused surfaces, and moments of clarity. The look of these configurations ensures both privacy and active engagement with the product. To that end, Intervals is best specified for feature and partition walls, room dividers, water features, and doors.

Intervals in the Octave pattern. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.

“Although each design has an inherent difference in privacy based on the optics, the dynamic macro and micro patterns within the Intervals line are interpreted differently with distance,” says Adam Tripp, design director at Forms+Surfaces.

All of these options can be manufactured to specification and are provided ready to install. Designers can select from multiple glass thicknesses, tempered and/or laminated choices, and can select sandblasted or Pantone color coating treatments. Intervals makes use of standard glass hardware, which means designers can flex their creative muscles while forgoing the usual worry about installation time and cost.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Intervals in the Origin pattern. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.
Detail image of the Locus pattern. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.

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