August 1, 2017

Forms+Surfaces’ VEKTR Digital Canvas Redefines Architectural Glass

Architectural glass gives designers the flexibility to evoke the atmosphere of a space.

Architectural laminated glass offers multiple uses to commercial projects of all scales. Along with improved durability and noise resistance, it provides designers a canvas to bring images of nature inside, reinforce a brand’s look and feel, and create a sense of place. Bland white walls are giving way to eye-catching glass designs that lend luster and make large-scale interiors feel more healthy, artful, and sustainable.

Architectural glass imagery can create a sense of place.

Forms+Surfaces is making architectural glass specification easier with a new interactive tool launching on their website. Called VEKTR Digital Canvas, the tool gives architects and designers the ability to transform digital images or photos from any source, size, or scale into highly customized architectural glass designs. VEKTR Digital Canvas eliminates the need for professional or high-resolution photography, taking any raster image and converting it into an infinitely scalable, multi-layered vector artwork.

Scan an image—regardless of size or scale—into the app, and bring it into a project with VEKTR Digital Canvas.

Each VEKTR canvas generates a unique vector file that’s output as the decorative interlayers used in the company’s ViviSpectra VEKTR laminated glass. The glass can be used in the company’s LEVELe Wall Cladding and Column Systems, LEVELe Elevator Interiors, and LightPlane LED Panels—systems that address mechanical details such as trim pieces, attachment systems, and mounting assemblies, so designers can focus on the creative process and bringing their glass designs to life.

See how the tool works below:

VEKTR Digital Canvas provides the tools necessary to transform digital images into original architectural glass designs.

Bringing nature to a design is seamless — capture the shot, drag it into the app, and start designing!

VEKTR Digital Canvas’s intuitive interface lets designers explore ideas, collaborate, share work, manage projects, request pricing, and make decisions on the spot.

Logos and other branding elements offer a distinctive start for VEKTR glass designs. A single source image used with different filters and controls can make multiple brand statements within a space.

VEKTR brings your point of view to any scale.

Explore the VEKTR Digital Canvas from Forms+Surfaces.

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