January 16, 2015

François Champsaur

Francois Champsaur

François Champsaur, courtesy of François Champsaur.

Firm : François Champsaur .

Location : Paris, France.

Bio : François Champsaur is a French interior designer. Born in Marseille, his work is influenced by his Mediterranean roots. From his earliest projects, François has displayed his ability to transform any space, considering each and every aspect from an architectural angle to the last detail. He intelligently reworks space, playing with light and volume, and completes the set with both elegant and contemporary furniture and fabrics. He has transformed luxury hotels (such as The Royal Evian and the Vernet Hôtel in Paris) and private homes using his own unique vision. He always develops a new project in line with the spirit of the space and creates furniture and luminaires consistent with the global design. His interest in furniture, clean lines, rhythm and harmony have led him to collaborate with many French and international interior design companies, such as Pouenat Ferronnier and HC28. His creations echoes the history and specifics of each editor.

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