July 10, 2017

From Inspiration to Presentation, LauckGroup’s Raul Baeza Keeps Drawing

A sketch showing the Galvanize coworking space in Austin, Texas. Sketch by Raul Baeza, courtesy of Casey Dunn.

“Approaching a project, I find myself constantly thinking about possibilities, which at times can become overwhelming. Sketching brings clarity and quickly helps me to resolve some of the questions that are swimming in my mind. I can then vet whether the ideas are strong enough to continue to the next phase of modeling.

For initial sketches, I like to use a Bic number-two mechanical pencil and a Muji plain paper notebook, which is the perfect pocket size. I switch to tracing paper when I move on to looking at massing and spaces. As soon as I feel like the concept has really materialized, I trace it with a felt-tip pen for presentation to my clients. I love the moment when I present a drawing and see the excitement in their eyes. It’s a way to connect directly.

This drawing shows the Galvanize coworking space in Austin, Texas. The client had asked that we consider a light fixture that would cascade through the middle of the staircase. I took that idea and reinterpreted it, making the stair itself act as the chandelier by washing the rods with light down all three levels. It’s truly humbling to be able to take intangible goals and make a tangible experience.”—Raul Baeza, Lauckgroup

Galvanize coworking space in Austin, Texas. Photography by Casey Dunn.

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