October 9, 2012

Futuregreen Statement of Commitment

We believe strongly in improving our physical and social environment. We believe that hospitality has the potential to effect significant change in behavior and can be used as a catalyst for innovation in sustainable practices and products. While there is general will for improvement, and examples of commendable effort on an individual company or property level, current efforts fall short of an industry-wide undertaking. The right time to take bold steps to enhancing our environment and social causes is now.

We, the undersigned attendees, delegates, partners and board members of the inaugural Futuregreen Hospitality Forum, held June 2nd, 2012 at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City, commit ourselves, our actions, creativity and resources to the following ideals:

1. I commit my time and resources to the promotion and advancement of “goods made regionally”, and intend to begin a project with this focus as outlined below:
a) As a designer I will attempt, within 9 months of this commitment, to promote or begin the design of at least one project to be “made local” with a goal of 50% of its FFE dollars committed to products that are sourced and manufactured within a 500 mile radius, or within regional city, state, provincial, or country boundaries of the project location.
b) As a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier of goods or services for hotels, or a representative thereof, I will attempt, within 9 months of this commitment, to investigate sourcing my company’s raw materials, manufactured product(s), or services within 500 miles of the location of construction or renovation of a single hotel project. Alternately, I will attempt, within 9 months, to increase the promotion and sales of my company’s product(s) and/or services to hotels being built or renovated within 500 miles of my sourcing and manufacturing location, with a goal of increasing my “regional sales” by at least one new hotel project.
c) As an owner, operator, developer or hotel brand I will attempt, within 9 months of this commitment, to source one (or more) of my hotel’s product(s), durable or consumable, from within my hotel’s “region”. With a goal of introducing one new “made local” product into use at one of my hotels, manufactured not more than 500 miles from the location of that hotel.
d) By endorsing this Statement I understand that I will be required, at six months following my endorsement, to submit self-reporting information on my progress regarding the above commitment via a weblink that will be emailed to me.

2. Travelers, operators, and many brands support and appreciate efforts within hotels to increase sustainable practices. We believe that the establishment of a Hotel Sustainability Rating System which incorporates these practices can both increase the legitimacy and awareness of sustainable practices by the hospitality industry.
a)  We endorse the establishment of a Committee comprised of Delegates and Partners of Futuregreen, and directed by a Board Member (TBD), for the purpose of exploring the possibility and ramifications of creating
sustainability criteria to be added to the existing Forbes (formerly Mobil) Travel Guide Star Rating system used by hotels.
b) In addition, this committee will explore and understand the criteria, goals, and timeline of sustainability ranking or rating systems being established by both Trip Advisor and Green Key and pros/cons of cooperating with either.
c) The goal of this committee is to present findings, and if appropriate, initial preliminary sustainability criteria for review, on or before 6 months from release of this statement.

3. We recognize that the importance of manufacturing for our industry within the United States has benefits to local and regional economies, maintains and strengthens communities, and increases job retention and growth.
a) The Advisory Board ratifies and supports the formation of a panel made up of Delegates and Partners, and headed up by a Board Member (TBD) to investigate, establish criteria for, and begin execution of a public database of US based manufacturers of furnishings, fixtures and equipment suitable for use in hospitality environments which would be searchable by location, product manufactured, and/or service offered.
b) The Board recommends initial meetings with the sustainability director of NEWH to assess the goals and progress of a “chapter based” database of similar information currently being assembled for use by NEWH, with Chris Alvarado of Getty’s to discuss his efforts in the creation of a list of US manufacturers, and work with Interior Design Magazine to utilize “productFIND”, a comprehensive product database, to determine if a joint effort is possible or warranted.
c) The goal of this Panel is to present findings on or before 4 months from release of this statement, and to have a Beta version of the database ready for review and testing within 12 months.

4. Endorsers of this Statement of Commitment may utilize the Futuregreen Seal on their marketing materials (including, but not limited to website, printed materials, advertisement, etc) for the course of eighteen (18) months following the date of this Statement below. The Futuregreen Seal is available to all endorsers in digital format.

To find out how to be a part of the Futuregreen movement or to get more information on next year’s forum, please contact Rachel Long, events director at Interior Design Media.

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