March 10, 2017


Vibrio modular seating by Giacomo Garziano.

Vibrio is a sibling seating series.

Giacomo Garziano launched his practice in 2014 with a simple conviction: “A good architect is a scientist, able to arrange components in harmonious proportions to create a totally new element.” The Amsterdam-based designer applied that philosophy quite literally to Diatom, a 30-inch table named for the unicellular algae that inspired its organic shape. The steel base is rigid but near invisible, making the 59-inch glass top appear to float. Garziano’s experimentation also spawned Vibrio, a sibling seating series composed of faceted modules, intended to form groupings that are ever changing… just like science.

Diatom 30-inch table by Giacomo Garziano.

Diatom was inspired by the namesake unicellular algae.

Diatom’s glass top appears to float.

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