April 10, 2017

Global Furniture Group’s Toronto HQ Showcases Sleek Vignettes

Global Furniture Group produces affordable office chairs, desks, case goods, systems furniture, storage, and more.

Saul Feldberg founded Global Furniture Group with a singular purpose: to build an office chair anyone could afford. Half a century later, the scope has broadened—desks, case goods, systems furniture, storage—yet 100,000 chairs still ship every week. Two years ago, Feldberg handed the reins to his son Joel, who promptly embarked on updating the brand’s identity.

The company ships out 100,000 chairs every week.

The evolution culminates in a new 40,000-square-foot, two-level showroom at the company’s Toronto headquarters. Johnson Chou configured the lower floor to demystify Global’s vast assortment through tightly edited vignettes, while the upper floor’s prototypical work spaces suggest the goods in context. Woven into the floor plan are lounges, including one bordered by a sweeping wall of walnut, encouraging customers to stop and digest what they’ve seen. Because after 50 years, there’s a lot to contemplate.

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A lounge at Global Furniture Group’s Johnson Chou-designed Toronto headquarters is bordered by a sweeping wall of walnut.

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