July 23, 2018

Good Shelving: A Marriage of Form and Function

The Kite Shelf by BDI is a generously-sized 5 and 6-tier shelf that is perfect alone, or as a complete wall system when used in multiples.

There’s something to be said for having a place for everything and everything being in its place. But adding shelving to a living space is both a functional and a design choice. More than just a place to house books and collectibles, the right shelving maximizes the use of space while adding a dramatic design element.

Here are a few ways shelving can make the most of your client’s home spaces.

Go High

With BDI’s Kite Shelf, you can select from a variety of finish options to suit any décor.

Because shelving draws the eye upward, it creates the illusion of height — perfect for those not blessed with 10-foot ceilings.

In smaller spaces, shelving makes efficient use out of a small footprint, utilizing the vertical space available. In larger spaces, the right shelving can create a dramatic statement that can be the focus of any living area.

Shelves that offer a variety of finish choices, such as BDI’s Kite Shelf, allow it to seamlessly blend in with your customer’s decor.

Two Functions in One

Semblance by BDI can be customized to fit any space and provides modular components that make it ideal for home offices.

Shelving also plays a crucial role in supplementing surface or storage areas in home offices or entertainment spaces.

In the office, it not only offers solutions for organizing and storing files, but can also become part of the desktop surface — a definite boon for those in small, urban dwellings or in offices that must share space with another room in the house.

In the living room, you can turn a boring wall into a more stylish and multi-functional entertainment space with the right shelving. Shelving that helps to frame your flat-screen TV can store electronic components while displaying treasured personal possessions, helping to balance form with function.

Semblance can be designed as a flexible media system that uses an open shelving system and an A/V-friendly cabinet to house electronics as stylishly as it displays a library.

In either instance, modular systems like BDI’s Semblance are ideal for these environments in which a custom solution is desired. BDI’s online design tool makes designing these spaces a snap.

Shelving as Art

The Eileen Blanc leaning shelf combines a stunning satin white wood frame with white tempered glass shelves.

Aside from providing functional surfaces in the home, a shelf can be a work of art in and of itself.

Pieces like BDI’s Eileen Leaning Shelf offer a beautiful modern aesthetic that draw focus to its clean design, while providing a dramatic platform to display objects. As a bonus, Eileen can stand alone or be grouped together for more design impact and storage space.

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