June 27, 2017

GranitiFiandre Celebrates Marble With Luminous New Collection

Glam Bronze by GranitiFiandre.

Sculptors and builders, through the centuries, have prized marble for its luminosity and durability. GranitiFiandre’s Marble Lab series celebrates the stone by interpreting specific varieties in the more approachable medium of porcelain. Premium White, for example, is pale. Golden yellow veins run through Nero Portoro. Thin dark and white lines accent the metallic field of Glam Bronze. Bianco Striato resembles charcoal-streaked limestone. All come as a 24-inch square or a rectangle of 12 by 24 or 24 by 47 inches.

Premium White by GranitiFiandre.
Nero Portoro by GranitiFiandre.
Bianco Striato by GranitiFiandre.

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