April 1, 2019

Guardian Grade Fabricoil® Marries Security With Aesthetics

The importance of an entryway cannot be overstated. It serves as the first impression for occupants and as a reflection of a client’s brand. Standard security gates tend to be bulky and unsightly, and while they do serve their purpose, they don’t typically offer any aesthetic value. This is especially true in malls, airports, and buildings with multiple retailers or individual shops.

Cascade Architectural pre-engineered security gates and screens are an innovative approach for securing retail entrances, storefronts, or other public spaces in an aesthetically pleasing way. Made of Guardian Grade Fabricoil®, the gates and screens provide exceptional material strength, durability, and elegance. They are supported by Cascade Architectural’s heavy-duty Secura Tracks with vertical aluminum channels. The systems come available in multiple locking configurations including both key and footbolt options, and can come equipped with a series of channels, handles, batons, and other reliable hardware components. The screens and gates can also be custom manufactured to meet specific client design requirements.

Read on for two recent examples of Cascade Architectural’s pre-engineered security gates and screens in action:

Photography courtesy of Cascade Architectural.

The Paddock is a pub-style restaurant at Furman University’s Trone Student Center. Two Guardian Grade Fabricoil security systems flank the restaurant’s glass door entryway. The gates are equipped with lock-and-key mechanisms, foot bolts, and track attachments that effectively secure the restaurant at close. The space still remains visible when the systems are engaged, thanks to the semi-transparent, yet durable, coiled wire fabric.

Photography courtesy of Cascade Architectural.

The pre-engineered security gates and screens are also featured at Arizona State University’s LEED® Gold-certified Verde Dining Pavilion. The facility is designed to feel open, giving students a shared space to eat, study, and participate in campus activities. Guardian Grade Fabricoil® pre-engineered security gate systems provide dimension to the cavernous interior without obstructing views.

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