April 10, 2017

Gufram Reissues Studio 65’s Iconic Bocca Sofa in Gold

Gufram’s Pink Lady edition of Bocca, a polyurethane foam sofa from Studio 65. Photography by David Lachapelle/Art+Commerce.

At the dawn of the disco 1970’s, Gufram winked to Hollywood beauty—think Mae West via Salvador Dalí—with Bocca, a molded polyurethane foam sofa from Studio 65 that subsequently took on a life of its own, starring in magazines and museums across the globe. In 2008, two variations followed: Pink Lady, for a new blush color, and the black Dark Lady, pierced with a chrome ring. Now, in honor of the manufacturer’s 50th anniversary, global creative director Charley Vezza unveils Boccadoro, Italian for gold mouth, alluding to the golden polyamide-elastane cover. But don’t dawdle—once the limited edition disappears, you can kiss ’em good-bye. 

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Boccadoro, a limited edition piece in honor of Gufram’s 50th anniversary. Photography by David Lachapelle/Art+Commerce.

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