August 14, 2014

Henzel Studio Taps CultureEdit to Guest Curate 12 Rugs

Calle Henzel plays well with others. The founder and creative director of the rug specialist

Henzel Studio

enlisted Joakim Andreasson, founder of the marketing agency CultureEdit, to guest-curate works by 12 contemporary artists, across all disciplines. He then translated the pieces into hand-knotted Himalayan wool and silk as the debut of Henzel Studio Collaborations.

The results exhibit multiple personalities: geometric in Ancient Visions Always Freeze by Assume Vivid Astro Focus, numeric in Richard Prince’s 1-234-567-8910, photographic in Mickalene Thomas’s Candy Crush and Linder Sterling’s Linderama (shown above), and organic in Robert Knoke’s Bruce LaBruce.

Ancient Visions Henzel Studios Our Take 0714

Ancient Visions Always Freeze

Candy Crush Henzel Studios Our Take 0714

Candy Crush

Number Rug Henzel Studios Our Take 0714


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