June 16, 2015

Herman Miller’s Chadwick Creates a 250-Foot Sofa at #IDneocon

herman Miller

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Fear not: What appears to be a 250-foot-long snake in the Mart’s south lobby is actually 125 contiguous units of the soothingly serpentine Chadwick Modular. Designed in 1974 by the legendary

Don Chadwick

—co-creator of the Aeron chair—the slick system was discontinued in 2003. Now, due to popular demand, it’s making a high-profile comeback—with a higher seat and optional power to boot. Five units of varying dimensions allow the system to take on a multitude of forms, from a small sofa to a large-scale seating solu- tion for public spaces and hospitality settings. Modules link securely via simple connectors that unlock in a flash when rearrangement is desired. Courtesy of their fully upholstered forms, the units can serve as end, interior, or solo seats—no matter the arrangement. Welcome back Chadwick!


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