June 9, 2020

HiP Awards 2020 Product Finalists Announced

Congratulations to the product finalists for the 2020 HiP Awards

Celebrate the most innovative products and design-thinkers in the A+D community by tuning in for the two-part HiP Awards Ceremony, hosted by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen. The ceremony will be livestreamed via Facebook Live during DesignTV by SANDOW and Interior Design: NeoCon Edition programming and will also stream on the NeoConnect Hub on neocon.com.

Tune in on June 12 at 1PM ET to watch Cindy announce this year’s HiP product winners.

Tune in on June 19 at 1:30PM ET to watch Cindy announce this year’s HiP people winners.

Category Product Name Manufacturer Name
Accessories BuzziPlanter BuzziSpace
Accessories Boost Ottoman Carnegie
Accessories Hide, Back to the Office Collection Loftwall
Accessories Olli Watson Furniture
Acoustical Applications Quietude Collection Barbican Architectural Products
Acoustical Applications Xorel Artform Carnegie
Acoustical Applications Cubism Fräsch
Acoustical Applications Saga Nordgröna thru Scandinavian Spaces
Materials Fenix® Formica Corporation
Materials Yesteryears Collection Panolam Surface Systems
Materials Obscura Skyline Design
Green Materials Varia Design Collection 3form
Green Materials Oceanic Camira Fabrics
Green Materials Xorel Matte Carnegie
Green Materials CLAIR™ Wolf-Gordon
Lighting Wafl Bafl Fräsch
Lighting Coil Collection LightArt
Lighting Motif Luxxbox
Lighting Talia Pablo Designs
Technology Melo Gear Fräsch
Technology Arc-H OE Electrics
Technology Ply OE Electrics
Technology CordJacket™ Three H
Education/Government/Institutional: Flooring Dazl Ava by Novalis Innovative Flooring
Education/Government/Institutional: Flooring Suitable Bentley Mills
Education/Government/Institutional: Flooring Learn & Live Mohawk Group
Education/Government/Institutional: Flooring Campus Shaw Contract
Education/Government/Institutional: Seating Ariel Davis Furniture
Education/Government/Institutional: Seating Stream Global Furniture Group
Education/Government/Institutional: Seating iQseat Götessons thru Scandinavian Spaces
Education/Government/Institutional: Seating Tibidi™ OM Seating
Education/Government/Institutional: Seating Stakki VS America
Health + Wellness: Fabric + Textiles Ensemble Collection Arc|Com
Health + Wellness: Fabric + Textiles Prerequisite Collection Carnegie
Health + Wellness: Fabric + Textiles Balance featuring Sunbrella Assure CF Stinson
Health + Wellness: Fabric + Textiles Biophilia 2.0 Designtex
Health + Wellness: Fabric + Textiles Quantum Collection Mayer Fabrics
Health + Wellness: Flooring MedinPure PVC-Free Sheet with Diamond 10 Technology Coating Armstrong Flooring
Health + Wellness: Flooring The Living Series Atlas Masland
Health + Wellness: Flooring Social Factor Milliken
Health + Wellness: Flooring Inspired Connection Patcraft
Hospitality: Fabric + Textiles Ultra Series Architex
Hospitality: Fabric + Textiles Dorado, Traveler Collection Brentano
Hospitality: Fabric + Textiles Patty Madden Software CF Stinson
Hospitality: Fabric + Textiles Warp Concertex
Hospitality: Fabric + Textiles Larsen Performance Collection Larsen Textiles thru Sunbrella
Hospitality: Flooring Room Service Atlas Masland
Hospitality: Flooring Guest Rooms Interface
Hospitality: Flooring Metroforms with Attraxion Technology Metroflor Corporation
Hospitality: Flooring Dialogue Shaw Contract
Hospitality: Seating Division Twelve Keilhauer
Hospitality: Seating Twig Skandiform thru Scandinavian Spaces
Hospitality: Seating Flower Tonon thru Sandler Seating
Hospitality: Seating Pleat Collection Tuohy Furniture Corporation
Hospitality: Lounge Adell Arper
Hospitality: Lounge Proto `+Halle thru Hightower
Hospitality: Lounge Knot Modular JANUS et Cie
Hospitality: Lounge Lido Martin Brattrud
Hospitality: Wall Covering Fresco Maya Romanoff
Hospitality: Wall Covering Repeat Offenders Wolf-Gordon
Hospitality: Wall Covering Magnolia Home York Contract thru Momentum
Outdoor Aire Andreu World
Outdoor Ginkgo Rope Davis Furniture
Outdoor Spyker Global Furniture Group
Outdoor Anatra Teak High Back Lounge Chair JANUS et Cie
Outdoor Marina Pavilion
Workplace: Fabric + Textiles Loom & Mercer Architex
Workplace: Fabric + Textiles Up Collection HBF Textiles
Workplace: Fabric + Textiles Off the Grid Luna Textiles
Workplace: Fabric + Textiles Mutable Matter Luum Textiles
Workplace: Flooring Revealed Atlas Masland
Workplace: Flooring Thread Story™ Interface
Workplace: Flooring Laylines Milliken
Workplace: Flooring Smart City Mohawk Group
Workplace: Flooring Shifting Fields Shaw Contract
Workplace: Hard Flooring Brushed Lines™ Interface
Workplace: Hard Flooring Amtico Signature Collection Mannington Commercial
Workplace: Hard Flooring Large & Local Mohawk Group
Workplace: Hard Flooring Tailored Shaw Contract
Workplace: Furniture Crew Halcon Furniture
Workplace: Furniture Jenson James Burleigh
Workplace: Furniture Division Twelve Keilhauer
Workplace: Furniture SideShare™ Three H
Workplace: Furniture Systems FrameWork Decca Contract
Workplace: Furniture Systems International Dfm
Workplace: Furniture Systems Olli Pair
Workplace: Furniture Systems C9 Watson Furniture Group
Workplace: Tables Briefing Gunlocke
Workplace: Tables Hopper Materia thru Scandinavian Spaces
Workplace: Tables Sly Studio TK
Workplace: Conference Tables Status Andreu World
Workplace: Conference Tables Brace Davis Furniture
Workplace: Conference Tables Metronome Trestle Nienkamper
Workplace: Work/Training Tables EdgeWorks DarRan Furniture
Workplace: Work/Training Tables Crew Halcon Furniture
Workplace: Work/Training Tables Rec Studio TK
Workplace: Work/Training Tables Dax SurfaceWorks
Workplace: Work/Training Tables Build™ The Hon Company
Workplace: Desk Partitions Be! Shield Clarus
Workplace: Desk Partitions Fence Ergobond
Workplace: Desk Partitions Yakka Func.
Workplace: Desk Partitions Acrylic Screens Trendway and ESI
Workplace: Mobile Walls Be! Clear Clarus
Workplace: Mobile Walls Prest Ghent
Workplace: Mobile Walls Frame Lintex thru Scandinavian Spaces
Workplace: Mobile Walls Wedge Luxxbox
Workplace: Hard Partitions/Wall Systems GlassScreens>Shield Carvart
Workplace: Hard Partitions/Wall Systems Pivot Loftwall
Workplace: Hard Partitions/Wall Systems Brix Luxxbox
Workplace: Hard Partitions/Wall Systems Quadro Muraflex
Workplace: Soft Partitions/Wall Systems Fens Fräsch
Workplace: Soft Partitions/Wall Systems Mallee Func.
Workplace: Soft Partitions/Wall Systems Still Stylex
Workplace: Meeting Room/Pod Bosse Series 4 Dauphin
Workplace: Meeting Room/Pod Colony Frövi
Workplace: Meeting Room/Pod Pergola Haworth
Workplace: Meeting Room/Pod Loop Solo QS Loop Phone Booths
Workplace: Meeting Room/Pod Patkau Cocoon Nienkamper
Workplace: Meeting Room/Pod Office Isolation Pods SnapCab
Workplace: Seating Next Eco Andreu World
Workplace: Seating Kayo Davis Furniture
Workplace: Seating GoGo Encore Seating
Workplace: Seating Everwood Source International
Workplace: Seating Dela Stylex
Workplace: Task Seating Sol 9to5 Seating
Workplace: Task Seating Swurve Keilhauer
Workplace: Task Seating Finora Okamura
Workplace: Task Seating Lórien™ Collection OM Seating
Workplace: Benches/Stools AllSorts & SmallSorts Arcadia Contract
Workplace: Benches/Stools Rho Davis Furniture
Workplace: Benches/Stools Patkau Bench Nienkamper
Workplace: Benches/Stools Soft Top Skandiform thru Scandinavian Spaces
Workplace: Benches/Stools Bench Series Zelonky Studios
Workplace: Lounge Seating Lud’o Haworth
Workplace: Lounge Seating Resonate Haworth
Workplace: Lounge Seating Ellaby Keilhauer
Workplace: Lounge Seating Patkau Twist Chair Nienkamper
Workplace: Lounge Seating Laze Source International
Workplace: Modular Seating Rise Allsteel
Workplace: Modular Seating Dado Curve XL Andreu World
Workplace: Modular Seating Bobby Blå Station thru Scandinavian Spaces
Workplace: Modular Seating SoMod Davis Furniture

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