March 16, 2016

HofmanDujardin’s Carpet Tiles for Desso Resemble 19th-Century Paintings

When renovating the two government ministries in the Hague designed by Michael Graves and Sjoerd Soeters, architects Michiel Hofman and Barbara Dujardin noted a resemblance between the existing checkerboard floor and the floor tile in the Dutch 17th-century paintings of Pieter de Hooch. That inspired HofmanDujardin to Photoshop artworks by other masters, such as Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian, on top of the floor plan for each level of the buildings, then translate the compositions into 20-inch squares—in the form of Desso’s Palatino cut-pile nylon carpet tile. The 70 colors required were custom-blended to match the paintings’ rich palettes. 

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