August 11, 2016

Hollywood’s Museum of Broken Relationships Exhibits Heartbreak Through Global Objects

The central exhibition room in the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles, designed by Ryan Brown of Brown Design Group. Photography courtesy of Matt Wier.

Originally conceptualized in Croatia with a permanent salon in 2010, the Museum of Broken Relationships recently planted its second outpost in L.A.’s Hollywood neighborhood with an opening exhibition of nearly 100 prismatic objects from around the world.

Founder John B. Quinn commissioned Ryan Brown of Brown Design Group to design the 3,500 square feet of exhibition space, complete with 14-foot ceilings and filtered natural light to display artifacts from relationships in ruin. Brown created six exhibition rooms, a private confessional space where visitors may write and leave anonymous notes, and a muted gift shop with branded wares and art books that allow the curated pieces to speak for themselves with Los Angeles their backdrop.

A piece on display entitled Mutally Loved Davida Font. Photography courtesy of Matt Wier.

“I cannot imagine a more fitting city than ours, which, much like love itself, is filled with as many wild dreams as it is crushing defeats,” says John B. Quinn says.

As its name suggests, the museum explores the idea of failed relationships as its headlining, emotionally-charged motif. However, fluid installations starting with the inaugural showing designed by Alexis Hyde and Amanda Vandenberg will examine the intricacies and depths of human relationships of all kinds.

Ryan Brown of Brown Design Group custom-designed and produced the cabinetry in the museum’s subtle gift shop of wares and books. Photography courtesy of Matt Wier.

“The museum is an opportunity for visitors from around the world to experience emotions and memories embodied in objects and told through narratives contributed by others,” Quinn says. “From this we learn how different people and their relationships are, but also, when it comes to break ups, how much we share.”

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles opened June 4, 2016 with an untitled exhibition by Alexis Hyde and Amanda Vandenberg. 6751 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Inside the Museum of Broken Relationships. Photography courtesy of Matt Wier.

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