April 7, 2016

Humanscale Expands into Architectural Lighting with Statement-Making Fixtures

With a long history of providing a diverse range of ergonomic products and solutions for offices all over the world, Humanscale has unveiled its plans to expand into the architectural lighting category with its recent acquisition of Vessel, an architectural lighting solution by designer Todd Bracher. With Vessel being the first in Humanscale’s soon-to-be-unveiled collection of architectural lighting, the fixtures aim to express the principles of performance and quality that transcend the settings of an office environment into broader applications.

“Incorporating architectural lighting into our repertoire enables us to further enhance office design and space planning for the market we serve and opens up the opportunity to reach new verticals,” says Shane Cohen, Global Lighting Manager for Humanscale.

According to Todd Bracher, the designer of Vessel, “Architectural lighting is so often seen as decorative, yet lighting has a significant influence on human experience. In this way, architectural lighting provides a unique opportunity for Humanscale to improve the human experience, not through decorative lighting, but with an architectural lighting solution that’s engineered around the optics and physics of light.”

For Humanscale, expanding into architectural lighting was a matter of establishing the company’s expertise in broader lighting categories to enhance the human experience. As such, Vessel, in particular, was designed to be purposeful and technical, with the engineering and optics developed in close collaboration with physicists to provide quality light without glare.

With Humanscale’s emphasis on the human experience, the company’s goal to create high-performance, innovative and intelligent solutions, based on technology, remains a top priority. “Vessel is a physics-based solution that puts engineering and performance first,” says Todd Bracher. “It shows that if we approach design by focusing on the human experience, as it is central to Humanscale’s values, we arrive at a timeless solution.”

Photography by Emin Kadi.

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