March 14, 2012

ICF Group’s Scandinavian Spring

Fresh off the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, The ICF Group is drawing beautiful Swedish lines for its American spring introductions. If you were one of the lucky 38,817 visitors who attended the show, feel free to skip on to our next post; if you were not, indulge on the purity, beauty and modern usefulness expected of Scandinavian design ethos. Versatility is a common thread whether through actual use of a piece as stool, storage tower or bench as achieved by Dexter, a piece young Swedish designer Andreas Farkas produced for Lammhults or by the visual arrangement of the pieces stunningly done with Abstracta’s Bits Wall panels designed by Anya Sebton. Modernist principles of product design are characterized through simple lines and honest materials.

The ICF Group takes advantage of its affiliation with three Swedish brands and brings to the U.S. market a variety of pieces to be introduced this spring. Here are our five faves:

1. Anya Sebton’s Bits Wall by Abstracta provides a functional sound-absorbent solution for acoustic enhancement of any space given its modular nature. Its triangular panels are molded from polyester fiber and upholstered. These are mounted on concealed hanging rails, thus, allowing flexible arrangements to be shaped into symmetrical and asymmetrical pattern formations.

2. Sebton’s Loop Floor Screen, also by Abstracta, is visually flexible through material composition, drawing inspiration from the Swedish tradition of weaving rag rugs.

3. Pierre Sindre’s DAY Easychair by Gärsnäs is stackable and linkable. Its sinuous profile and simple detail at the seat make it suitable for various settings from corporate to residential.

4. Johannes Foersom’s and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen’s Archal Chair for Lammhults has elegant lines and proper scale which allow its use to fit multiple settings, easily traveling from a conference room to a dining set-up.

5. Andreas Farkas’ Dexter, also for Lammhults, embodies modern industrial design via its graphical thread blueprint. It is simple and ethereal, compliant and versatile, light and elegant. It functions as stool but can be arranged horizontally with several in a connected row to form a bench, or vertically stacked to create storage space as a shelving tower. It is made of solid steel wire available in a range of powder-coated colors.

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