June 14, 2016

#IDneocon: Bernhardt Design Debuts Slick Acoustical Panels and Seating

Five’s a charm for Bernhardt Design (space 399). The company’s slew of slick NeoCon introductions offers something for everyone. Hyein Jwa’s magnificent Mix Panel is a ceiling-hung acoustical privacy screen that vertically adjusts via a self-leveling system that’s incorporated into the balsa wood core. Panels are padded with insulating foam and can be covered in any Bernhardt Textiles fabric or COM.

Pair them with Alex Akopova’s zesty Zip, available as an armless chair or a corner piece, with black or brown belting-leather handle—plus grand-scale zippers on both sides enabling units to be connected into sofas. Round out a vignette with Trevor Cheney’s racy Autobahn table, featuring legs that extend through and subtly delineate the work surface. Leo Su’s exible Tour ottoman, meanwhile, can wander anywhere—like the duffle bags that inspired it—courtesy of its belting-leather strap. And finally, Taylor Cheng’s modular Via ottomans and tables are always in motion thanks to canted legs. That’s quite the quintet!

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