June 28, 2017

Imaginative Glassworking by Hudson Valley Lighting

For over 30 years, Hudson Valley Lighting® has been creating distinctive lighting products of outstanding quality for residential and contract settings. By uniting a profound sense of the past with a finger on the pulse of the present, Hudson Valley Lighting produces styles running the spectrum from historic to artisan and transitional to contemporary. Their heirloom collections boast fine detailing and finishes with a modern edge.

Central to Hudson Valley Lighting is their deep knowledge and application of glassworking techniques. In creating their collections, they look back to the “optic mold” method used by Roman and Middle Age craftsmen and rethink sfumato, a blending technique brought to light by Renaissance painters, to give glass a unique appearance. Hudson Valley Lighting reinterprets these time-honored methods while exploring new approaches to shaping and texturing glass to form visually impressive and functionally remarkable fixtures.

Explore the collections below for more in stunning glasswork:

Glassworkers pour molten glass into a mold at three different lengths to create the frozen appearance of the champagne-hued panels in Fenwater.

Crafted using the ancient “optic mold” technique, the spectacularly thick glass of Breton’s diffusers is etched with wavy horizontal patterns on the bulb-facing side while remaining perfectly clear on the outside.

The concentric layers of glass tubes in Tyrell feature a ragged sfumato effect. This technique results in seamless blending between opaque opal and translucent glass, which adds to its visual heft.

Boca’s spherical diffusers, half metal and half seeded glass, prove dimensional and fluid. The bubbles of air spotting the glass appear suspended in a perfectly rounded viscous substance, which shows even more character when illuminated by LED lighting.

To achieve the misty, smoky quality of Sawyer, glassblowers employ a sfumato technique, which causes the glass to fade from opaque to transparent.

Learn more about Hudson Valley Lighting‘s glass-blown fixtures.

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