February 12, 2019

In Good Co. Modernizes Design Cues for First Offering from Nomadic Distillery AMASS

Courtesy of AMASS Nomadic Distillery.

It’s clear from the first impression that AMASS isn’t your typical spirits brand. The sensibly-sized bottle doesn’t scream “Look at me!”

Yet a handful of strategic design elements, namely its sleek matte black finish, clear textual hierarchy, and pleasantly-kerned font, make it perfectly understandable if you just can’t look away. The brand is a recent addition to the craft spirits scene and prides itself on a unique value proposition: small-batch spirits produced in different cities by the biggest names in independent craft distilling. AMASS looked to branding agency In Good Co. to realize its first offering, a botanical-infused dry gin produced in Los Angeles.  

Courtesy of AMASS Nomadic Distillery.

“Since its inception, AMASS needed to look and feel different,” asserts Mark Lynn, who is the founder and CEO of AMASS. “Our packaging reflects our passion for design, and creates a desirable experience for the consumer through its modernist architectural style and elegance. Furthermore, there is a special relationship between packaging, quality and taste. We’ve chosen this design to inspire trust in our ultra-premium, small batch, hand-crafted spirits.”

To realize his vision for the product’s packaging design, Lynn worked with Chris Danton, the chief of ideas at In Good Co. “What’s exciting about AMASS is the nomadic distillery concept—no one else is doing anything like it. So when we joined forces with Mark, the majority of the discussion was how to make a brand that customers would see on the bar back and immediately know that not only could they trust it was good, but that it would be unlike anything else they’ve ever had,” says Danton. “So we started with the bottle and grew the brand from there. After all, the primary brand experience we want consumers to have is enjoying the best spirits the world has to offer.

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