the dining room includes pops of color like a geometric yellow chair
UAE-based VSHD sparks an eclectic dialogue between the heavily ornamented baroque walls and sleek-lined furniture.

Inside a 1930s Mansion Turned Eclectic Show House in Milan

Within the storied walls of a regal 20th-century mansion, six international interior designers have staged decorative interventions celebrating Italian craftsmanship. For Artemest’s L’Appartamento exhibition during Milan Design Week, the designers each reimagined a room as an immersive vignette that interlaces with the authentically Milanese backdrop. Their curations are united by a commonality: The exclusive integration of Artemest’s contemporary art and furnishings crafted by Italian artisans.

Stepping inside, the Entryway is bathed in warm earthen tones reminiscent of Gulf landscapes, with Studio Meshary AlNassar adorning the space with silhouettes evoking classical colonnades underneath a chandelier sprouting Murano glass sunflowers. Transitioning into the Flower Room, dreamlike pastel hues are accentuated by Art Deco steles and mouth-blown vases teeming with floral invasions.

a cream couch illuminated by thin LEDs on the wall above
Elicyon infuses playful bohemian textural expressions that pay homage to the architecture’s illustrious heritage in the Cocktail Room.

Elicyon’s Cocktail Room weaves sensorial textural depth into the architecture’s grandeur—from the long-hair fur lounge chair to wall-mounted rugs. Beyond, VSHD’s Dining Room’s juxtaposes minimalist modernism with ornamental baroque aesthetics, placing a whimsical paper chair beside Luciano Baldessari’s Futurist floor lamp.

L’Appartamento’s classical Living Room by Rottet Studio embraces wooden parquets, gilded brocade walls, and celadon wainscotting, infused with Venetian glass accents, a pyrite- and Cubism-inspired cabinet, and a dichroic glass table that refracts light. Tamara Feldman’s Bedroom recalls Mexican haciendas with terracotta textures and saturated red walls. Biophilia injects the space with vitality through glimpses of botanicals, wood, and natural stones appearing alongside yellow and green hues echoing those of the foliage outside.

A verdant extension of the interiors, GACHOT’s culminating Courtyard becomes an intimate outdoor living room with lounge and dining areas and a bar shrouded in local blossoms. A fire pit sculpted from local Dolomia stone interacts with the delicacy of the Murano drinking glasses and the rich burgundy tones of the iron bowl.

an entryway with earth tones and a yellow stool
Earthen tones, layered textures, and organic forms welcome visitors, capturing the allure of the Middle East in the house Entryway.
a room with light blue walls and three pedestals with flowers
A vibrant capsule with pastel hues, carved-relief columns, and flourishing florals nods to the room’s name.
the living room with a green wrap around sofa and saffron walls
The Living Room’s sensorial color and material palette is brought to life with a dynamic interplay of light.
the dining room includes pops of color like a geometric yellow chair
UAE-based VSHD sparks an eclectic dialogue between the heavily ornamented baroque walls and sleek-lined furniture in the Dining Room.
red walls line the bedroom with a green velvet sofa nearby
Tamara Feldman draws on her Mexican heritage to intertwine elements of nature with terra-cotta textures and Italian design in the Bedroom.
the courtyard features a white sofa and rich brown chairs around a fire pit
An extension of the regal splendor indoors, the Courtyard creates intimate spaces of gathering.

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