a long table with color block pattern in Interior Design's DesignScene space at NeoCon 2024

Immerse in Color at SANDOW Design Group’s 2024 NeoCon Lounge

What does it feel like to step inside color? Visit SANDOW Design Group’s DesignScene lounge at NeoCon June 10-12, 2024 to find out. Located on the 11th floor of The Mart in Chicago, this year’s space features an intricate web of shapes, showcasing the timeless appeal of contrasting shades.

Created in partnership with 3form for the third year in a row, the lounge, which serves as a welcome respite from the hustle of the bustle of the show, draws heavily on color blocking, a technique with a rich history in art, architecture, and design. From modernist works, such as those by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, to the more technical nature of the term, which describes the melding of colors on opposite ends of the spectrum, the lounge is awash in energizing hues from floor to ceiling.

“Expanding on last year’s theme of Colorplay, we proudly present Colorblock,” shares Interior Design editor-in-chief Cindy Allen. “This graphic technique of pulling hues from the opposite side of the color wheel harkens back to the modernist movement of the 20th century. It helped us define the various areas for our SANDOW brands (think warm reds and pinks for Interior Design and cool greens for Metropolis). And for selecting the actual color palette, we took inspiration from a master… Le Corbusier!”

When it comes to design, Allen and Ryan Smith, chief creative officer at 3form, prove that great minds do think alike. Both gravitated to Le Corbusier’s storied house in France as an inspiration for this year’s DesignScene space. “Le Corbusier’s house features a muted palette,” notes Smith, adding that the slightly subdued shades in the 2024 DesignScene lounge are intentional. “We toned the colors back a little bit [this year] because more of the space needed to be activated,” he adds.

Take a Peek at the Making of This Year’s DesignScene 

Visitors can expect to see surprises underfoot and overhead, as well as eye-catching installations on the walls. To create the bold graphics throughout, Smith referenced the architecture of the space, taking into account shadows created by the existing edges and walls. “The pattern became pretty interesting because we started playing with all of these lines in the space and we started really leaning in on this color blocking,” he says. “Every shade is informed by the architecture, which is a really cool way to set it up.” These colors are brought to life via flooring by Shaw Contract, wallcoverings by Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering, and paint by Behr.

Ultimately, DesignScene serves as a physical extension of the SANDOW Design Group brands, inviting show goers to connect and unwind in a space deeply rooted in design, complete with an expansive communal table. “When you walk in, you’re in this three-dimensional colored canvas,” Smith adds. HBF also created a must-see activation in the space, enabling those with weary feet to sink into the brand’s signature furnishings.

Want the inside scoop on NeoCon 2024? Tune into NeoConversations hosted by Avi Rajagopal, editor-in-chief of Metropolis, on SANDOW’s Surround podcast network.

Visitors also can catch Interior Design editors in action, creating each edition of the Neocon ShowDaily newspaper. Plus, glimpse ongoing industry roundtables with design leaders and say hello to rising stars selected to participant in our (second) First NeoCon program in partnership with The Mart.

SANDOW Design Group’s DesignScene also includes the Sustainability Lab by Metropolis, which features a showcase of sustainable products, curated readings and resources, as well as plenty of space to relax and recharge.


a long table with color block pattern in Interior Design's DesignScene space at NeoCon 2024
A rendering of SANDOW Design Group’s DesignScene space at NeoCon.
a sketch of color blocking for DesignScene 2024
Early sketch by Smith showcasing the concept of color blocking for SANDOW Design Group’s 2024 DesignScene space.
DesignScene rendering
Rendering of the 2024 DesignScene space at The Mart.

A big thank you to our partners who provided products throughout DesignScene by SANDOW: 3formShaw Contract, Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering, and Behr; and a special thank you to HBF, which is hosting an activation space.

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