January 10, 2017

Integrating LED Technologies with Haute Couture Lighting

Calligraphy evokes swirling script flowing across the page. At its core are two powerful LED light engines surrounded by floating bands held in place by thin, curving lines.

For over 40 years, Corbett Lighting has combined refined sophistication, proven design expertise, and manufacturing prowess to produce visually striking couture lighting. Each handcrafted art piece—whether a pendant, flush mount, sconce, or chandelier—draws inspiration directly from the runway and so bears the mark of fashion’s elite. In the avant-garde angles, soft, ruffled curves and clean-cut lines of their diverse collections, one catches a glimpse into the complex and alluring sphere of high design.

Helios is an intricate work of art meant to be flush mounted to either ceiling or wall. Its majestic size enhances the sprawling sun-like fixture’s appeal as a true statement piece.

In order to remain a leader in residential, hospitality, commercial and contract markets, Corbett Lighting does more than take a page from haute couture influencers—they opt for carefully selected, superior materials for the construction of their lights and seek out advanced lighting technologies. Their materials range from semi-precious gems and bias cut crystals to handblown glass and gold and silver leaf hand finishes. It is through the collaboration of skillful designers, artisans, and engineers that these materials are chosen, arranged, treated and eventually tested: each light undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure it exhibits exceptional quality and precision. Of course, Corbett Lighting also explores environmentally sustainable, energy efficient bulb options, and incorporates high performance LEDs in their recently released Metropolis, Venturi, Piet, Calligraphy and Helios sconces, pendants and flush mounts.

Blurring the line between abstract, sculptural art and practical illumination, Metropolis is a study in modern form. Comprised of interconnecting cubes the hand-crafted iron frame surrounds the high-powered LED light source.

Corbett Lighting does more than demonstrate superb craftsmanship and display the company’s commitment to fine detailing and finishes—they serve as sculptural statement-makers intended to impress and inspire.

The Piet collection features large pieces of hand-blown glass offered in three unique shapes. The tubular diffuser within spreads warm light from the high-powered LED source evenly through the glass—whether smoked with silver graphite leaf finish or straw with gold leaf. 
The unique beauty of the white Kabibe shell, indigenous to the Philippines, immediately sets Venturi apart. Spinnaker’s geometric artistry takes its cues from the postmodern design.

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