November 1, 2019

Introducing Revolutionary Anti-Corrosion Glass

AGC’s LUXCLEAR® Protect anti-corrosion glass has a special, scientifically-developed coating to prevent corrosion. Photography courtesy of AGC North America. 

For thousands of years, we have relied on the art of glass-making to create coveted objects ranging from delicate jewelry to ornate vessels. Today glass remains as vital as ever when it comes to design, especially given the push to create interiors awash in natural light that imbue a sense of openness. The material’s translucent quality enables it to serve a dual purpose—offering protection from external elements, without masking their beauty.  But most glass surfaces pose maintenance challenges, requiring special care or repeat applications of formulated solutions to last. At least, until now. 

Finally, a glass product exists in the market that preserves its luster long after installation with minimal upkeepLUXCLEAR® Protect developed by AGC Glass North America, a leading manufacturer of glass and glass-related products. The key to the company’s innovative glass product lies in its permanent protective coating, offering designers an anti-corrosive material with a built-in resistance to hidden contaminants and water damage. The proprietary coating enables glass to maintain its shine and like-new appearance for years. 

LUXCLEAR® Protect is an ideal addition to bathrooms, showers, hot tubs, swimming pools, sunrooms, and car washes. Photography courtesy of AGC North America. 

How did AGC North America develop a product with such capabilities? It boils down to science. The company conducted extensive research and thorough evaluations to create a protective coating that fuses with the glass itself, permanently sealing the surface to ensure it’s shielded from hard water, staining, and etching throughout its lifespan. This breakthrough product also simplifies the specification process for humid spaces, like shower enclosures, hot tub enclosures, and spa spaces or pools, by offering designers a clear anti-corrosive choice. 

But high-performing glass does not just have aesthetic benefits, it also enables interior designers and building owners to add value to a space. While designers can rarely promise furnishings, flooring, or home accessories will maintain their like-new appearance for decades, they can make this assertion about LUXCLEAR® Protect, which is built to withstand the harshest environments. Ultimately, LUXCLEAR Protect adds value to well-designed spaces while remaining clean and undamaged despite heavy use. 

LUXCLEAR® Protect offers designers a clear choice for shower enclosures. Photography courtesy of AGC North America. 

LUXCLEAR® Protect  is available in thicknesses up to 12mm, and may be annealed with non-safety glazing applications or tempered depending on the application. This durable glass does not require special upkeep and can be stored, cleaned, and processed in the same manner as traditional float glass. Though ideal for shower enclosures, LUXCLEAR® Protect  may also be used in sunrooms, pool enclosures, greenhouses or other areas exposed to heat and humidity. 

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