April 28, 2020

Isenberg Bath Brings Beauty to Industrial Faucets

Image courtesy of Isenberg Bath Corporation.

Can there be beauty in plumbing mechanics? With Tanz by Isenberg Bath Corporation, we say yes. Developed with 3-D modeling software, the stainless-steel faucet’s profile recalls straightforward industrial pipes—but made sexy. The fittings boast a range of fashion-forward colors, including 20 thin-film ceramic-based coatings like Navy Blue, Matte Black, Isenberg Green, Blue Platinum, Matte Gold, and Deep Red. The rotating projection spout and side sprayer boost flexibility, while ceramic disc cartridges enable smooth lever movement. And with a flow rate of just 1.8 gallons per minute, the faucet not only looks good it also does good by promoting conservation.

“Singular colors combine with a striking silhouette.” Image courtesy of Isenberg Bath Corporation.

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