January 29, 2018

Italydesign Launches Virtual Reality Showroom

The Super Roy Sofa by Il Loft Furniture. Photography courtesy of Italydesign. 

The modern Italian furniture purveyor Italydesign announced the launch of the Brick and VideoTM Interactive Showroom. The new retail concept will enable potential customers to tour the company’s San Francisco space by virtual appointment and remotely interact with the showroom design team in real time through a series of carefully positioned HD cameras that mimic the physical experience of shopping in the store. Customers will also have an opportunity to customize and personalize the objects they select. The function of Brick and Video is to remove geographic boundaries and expose a wider audience to the vast breadth of Italydesign’s eclectic collection of modern furniture.

Italydeisgn offers several luxury Italian brands, including MissoniHome, Reflex, and Pininfarina Home Design. The brand also offers its own Private Label collection of sofas. These pieces are available at their physical San Francisco location, and now worldwide through the Brick and Video Interactive Showroom.

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